--> Im not a fake ;P Im not a fake ;P
Im not a fake ;P

@TerriSeymour: New haircut! New world tour coming up! Lots of fun things to talk about w/@ddlovato b4 her @HondaStage performance

Teen Wolf AU: The Stilinski Triplets - Derek didn’t realize how dangerous life could be by getting involved with the Stilinski triplets.

Beta - The loyal brother. He is thoughtful yet naive, virtuous, trusting, and has a difficult time separating his own identity from those around him. He’d risk his life to ensure the safety of others and believes everyone deserves second chances. "We can’t leave him behind. That’s not an option for me."
Omega - The jaded brother. Heartbreak and shame are all he knows. He’s done things he isn’t proud of in the name of survival, but over time has learned to look out for himself. He is a coward. A loner. The black sheep. "Trust you? That’s asking a lot from me. I don’t trust anyone. Not even myself."
Alpha - The destructive brother. Power. Domination. Lust. These are the driving forces behind every action he takes. He’s a ruthlessly cunning sociopath with methodical, elitist, and narcissistic behavior. He only cares about his desires, and those who stand in his way are met with violent opposition. "Don’t fucking test my patience. I will lay waste to everything you hold dear just to see the look on your face once I’ve broken you."
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They look like they’re in a heist movie with Rihanna as the tough-as-nails leader/master thief and Lupita as the genius computer hacker

!!!!! So here for this!
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