--> Im not a fake ;P Im not a fake ;P
Im not a fake ;P


Because of the Walking Dead Bad Lip reading video, I now want Daryl to adopt a turtle, and Beth doesn’t take a shine to him at first, but then he creeps his way into her heart.

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The Walking Dead - Poster - “Season 5; Those Who Arrive Survive”
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Can not believe that today after all this months of wait, I’m finally watching “The Maze Runner” ahdjiehejskaowpdnxn

I loved the book and I’m sure I’ll love the movie, and of course Dylan :3

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Am. I the only one who thinks that the desert wolf is lydia’s mom?

I mean Derek said that with practice any shapeshifter can hide its smell from other creatures, also Jeff said that season 5 is going to bring the Martin’s on.

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